Voting for next free story

By request, this time I’m putting the descriptions with the actual poll. You can find them after the cut!

So You Want To Be a Werewolf – Longish plotty romance. In a world where werewolves add to their pack by holding competitions, our heroine accompanies a friend to the isolated home of the pack only to catch the eye of an alpha who thinks that she’d be the perfect fit. Expect competence, jealousy, and pack politics.

Fae Diplomacy – Longish murder mystery smut. When the Fae realms open their doors to humanity for the first time in three hundred years, the human governments set up the first embassy offworld. At the first diplomatic function, our heroine manages to get herself bonded to one of the Fae Council, which is both problematic and supposedly impossible. Murderous hijinks ensue as she finds herself developing powers that no human is supposed to have.

Love Late – A short smutty contempory romance about a woman coming to visit her childhood friend.  Years ago, she was in love with him, but he thought their friendship was too valuable to risk.  It ripped her apart, but she gave him what she wanted.  Now, as her relationship with another man grows serious, is he starting to see what he gave up?

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