Curves Get Noticed

The first book in the Curves Get… series is up on Amazon! Exciting, since this is my first non-free, non-commisioned work if we don’t count all those Harlequins I wrote to get through school. And we don’t count those, because I will be taking that pen name with me to the grave.


She’s hanging on by her fingernails…
Sarah Warren is barely getting through grad school by keeping her head down, her debt low, and her bed empty. Doing the right thing is slowly killing her, but spending the night with a man that’s out of her league just might turn out to be the very best kind of bad decision.

He’s driving the world crazy…
Derek Undein’s good looks make Hollywood go wild, but it’s his outrageous lies and unpredictable behavior that really keep them guessing. He treats life and sex like a game, but that changes when he finally meets a woman who’s not willing to play along.

Can lies ever lead to love?
One night out brings them together in a manner that surprises them both. Derek’s pursuit leaves Sarah as dizzy as his kisses, and her nervousness can’t hold back the passion that leaves her breathless.

Still, Sarah keeps telling herself not to take it too seriously: even if Derek wasn’t a celebrity, how could she be anything but a joke to him?

As always, here are my favorite things about this particular book in no particular order: getting to write a hero with a sense of humor, what will probably be my most misunderstood character of all time (sorry, Toni), and making my husband proofread my sex scenes for misplaced limbs.


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1 Response to Curves Get Noticed

  1. Amy says:

    Congratulations! The new cover looks great, I can’t wait to read it!


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