Movie Star #2 – Curves Get Chased

Curves Get Chased is up now on Amazon! To celebrate, the first book in the series will be free all weekend, so get it if you haven’t gotten it by now.  🙂


After one night with a movie star, she’s running away. But he won’t let her go…

Sarah can’t stop thinking about Derek, even though she sneaked out of his bed like a thief and hasn’t seen him since. Trying to forget him would be easier if he’d stop calling… and if she could ignore her own desperate desire to see him again. When he ambushes her unexpectedly, it might be a disaster – or another chance at something she never thought she’d have again…

Even before he was a movie star Derek has always gotten what he wanted, so Sarah’s disappearing act is driving him crazy. He knows she wants him as much as he wants her, so why won’t she just admit it? One way or another, he’s going to track her down, even if it means lying to the press. She won’t be able to vanish if he never lets her out of his bed…



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1 Response to Movie Star #2 – Curves Get Chased

  1. Laura says:

    Woo! Getting it now!


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