Can’t Spy Me Love Out!


You can get it here!

Love in the most dangerous job of all… temp work.

As a consultant, Dani thought she’d seen it all but her new workplace is giving her more questions than answers. What exactly is causing those mysterious screams? Why do all her co-workers look like underwear models on vacation? Who trains security dogs to sniff out tea?

And, most baffling of all, why is everyone so afraid of their mysterious and sexy boss, Mr. Hunter? After all, he’s been nothing but nice to her…

A sweet and silly contemporary romance novella that contains sexy spies, an oblivious office worker, and a book club that could be life-threatening. Half romantic comedy, half office shenanigans, it’s 30,000 ridiculous words long and, as with everything else I write, ends in HEA.

As far as the title goes… I’m a slave to puns, I admit it.   The hardest part about this book was picking one, and the only reason I might write more spy-related things is because I have about 50 more of them.   (Big Girls Don’t Spy, Her Wandering Spy… etc)



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